Little Big Giant
A senior level ideas team, we specialise in helping agencies prepare initial ideas for pitches and presentations.
Our Expertise spans a wide range of digital creative services including: content driven web sites; social media; mobile web and application design; TV commercials, music videos and corporate productions.

Barclays, Glaxo Smith Kline, Michelin, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nokia, Oxfam, P&G, Rolls-Royce, Sainbury's, Unilever...
to name but a few

Adnews, AIMIA, Award, B&T, Cresta, INMA, Promax BDA, RAD, RBA, Webby

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1.21 Gigawatts 1.21 Gigawatts
Deepend Office
BAE Submarines BAE Submarines
Seafolly Seafolly
Trial Kennedy Trial Kennedy
Taronga Zoo Taronga Zoo
Sydney Festival Sydney Festival
Zapruder’s Other Films: Can Of Worms
Rolls-Royce Graduate Brochure
Deepend Deepend Sydney
Deutsche Bank
Oxfam 3 Things Oxfam 3 Things
Hausmann Hausmann
Future Star Future Star
Lifebouy Lifebouy
March into Merivale Merivale: March Into Merivale
ABC3 Branding Pitch ABC3 Branding Pitch
Lightning Lightning
Bovis Lend Lease Bovis Lend Lease
Impulse Impulse: Save Romance
Merivale Merivale
Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art
Musica Viva Musica Viva
Sydney Festival Sydney Festival: Presentation
Continental Cup-a-Soup Continental: Cup-a-Soup
Nokia: Little Bedroom Big Beats
Barry Salzman
Sydney Wildlife World Sydney Wildlife World
Sydney Festival First Night Sydney Festival: First Night
Bukkcity Bukkcity
Ferrero Boutique Ferrero Boutique
Murray Fredericks Murray Fredericks
Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Morning Herald
Pimco Pimco
Australian National Maritime Museum Australian National Maritime Museum
Deepend Deepend: Brand Promotion
Sydney Festival Sydney Festival
ABC: Kazam
Rio Tinto Rio Tinto
Weetbix Nickelodeon: Weetbix
Nomad Nomad
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